About us

By the people, for the people. Together.

For over thirty years we have been working with the comfort of the individual in our mind.

Our goal is the well-being of all the people along our production chain. From the internal departments to our craftsmen, up to our collaborators: we take care of human relationships through dialogue and confrontation so that relationships can grow stronger and last over time. Human capital is our collective resource.

We develop synergies inside and outside our reality, to consolidate our strength and grow. Together. We have built a strong network of customers from all over the world with which we create furnishing elements that combine functionality and aesthetics, design, and comfort. To date, we have more than 300 customers spread in 16 different countries. Many of them chose us as their main supplier.

We share experience and knowledge and see them returned multiplied. From year to year. Day by day.

We conceive, design, test, research, choose and we do it with care and experience because quality is a goal that is obtained from the sum of different factors that always have the person at the centre.
yaers of experience


To make projects and relationships flourish, accuracy and attention to detail are necessary. We are sure that the consideration we pay at every stage of the production process can be converted into an unprecedented and fulfilling experience for our customers towards their upholstered furniture. Iconic furnishing elements that can withstand signs of wear and time to keep intact as many memories of life as possible.


Passion is what moves us, what makes us stand out, what shapes our work and our thoughts. Passion drives us to seek, study, improve and give life to new insights and possibilities for the contemporary living. Passion is our engine, is what makes us Miti. Since the beginning.


We are a diverse team, each one with their own skills, experiences and specific traits. We work as a team and in close contact with our customers to give shape to their technical and aesthetic desires. Our involvement, the reliability and punctuality that distinguish us give a significant contribution to the realization of the project.


We give shape to ideas, ambitions, and dreams. Every day we commit to overcoming barriers and limits and exploring new frontiers, driven by enthusiasm towards innovation and authenticity. Our Research and Development department works constantly creating and patenting new mechanisms for sofas that can reflect the innovation and uniqueness of your company.


Our work allows us to do our part towards environmental sustainability, because what we produce is destined to last over time.

For Miti working sustainably means loving and respecting the world in its entirety, from nature to people. We implement it by choosing every day optimized production and logistics methodologies, designed in accordance with green values and consistent with the fight against waste. That's why our packaging is 100% from recyclable materials and 90% made by paper.


You can find us in the heart of Veneto, among the UNESCO World Heritage hills, an area with a production cluster that has the upholstery as one of its excellences. Our factory is located here, over eighty people work here.

Made in Italy is synonymous with quality, safety, and reliability all over the world. Ours is a product totally made in Italy, and for this reason the details, the care in the processing and the aesthetic values hidden in Miti upholstery have always been our calling card.

The creativity of our Research and Development Office and the experience of the Technical Office combined with the mastery of our upholstery artisans and our seamstresses, allow us to realize unique furnishings, which stand out for their excellence and durability.