What we do

Our mission is to bring comfort and beauty to every corner.

The heart of an Italian excellence

We work with passion and dedication, exploring and shaping innovative materials to create comfortable, functional, and contemporary pieces.

We provide tailor-made solutions for every need and create customised projects, that perfectly adapt to the demands of the market and the target audience. At home, in the office or on holiday, we shape comfort wherever you want to.

For Miti, attention to detail is a mission. We combine the craftsmanship of made in Italy to the most avant-garde production processes. Our products are a unique concentrate of design and functionality, at the service of those who will enjoy them, day after day.

meters/week processed fabric
square meters/week processed leather


We take care of everything. From A to Z. From the aesthetic needs of designers to the technical requests of architects up to the housing needs of individuals: we take care of the areas dedicated to relaxation and the people who will enjoy them. From the idea to the sofa. Because "tailor-made" is a value that runs through our entire production process and of which we take care step by step, accepting any type of request or suggestion in an efficient and punctual manner.

Miti products stand out for the synergistic union of know-how and its continuous improvement through the application of the most recent and innovative techniques of production. It's not just about skilled labour, but a process of design that is based on ideas, attitudes, and a fusion of unique and distinctive elements.


We cooperate with our clients to fully understand their needs and translate their ideas into tangible solutions. Our experience allows us to create innovative concepts and patented products that enhance the beauty of the materials and the quality of the craftsmanship.


From design to the internal structure: during the prototyping process we take into consider every aspect of an upholstery. We work with precision and meticulous attention so that every element is taken care of in every detail. This allows the creation of higher quality prototypes capable of satisfying and exceed ours and your expectations.

Final product

Miti takes care of the artisanal production process at every stage: design, prototyping, analysis and development of the upholstery, product industrialization, cutting, stitching, and upholstery.

From conception to distribution, our company takes care of the products for its customers with dedication, satisfying all kinds of needs and ensuring a prompt and available after-sales service.


We carefully select and use only raw materials that meet certain technical resistance requirements, be they technological mechanisms, fabrics or leathers, foams or feathers, woods or metals. We cooperate with companies with an ethical production process, carrying out scrupulous quality controls, so that the upholstery presents as few imperfections as possible due to the genuine nature of the material.


We offer a complete service taking care of every step of the process, from design to delivery of the upholstered furniture. Miti logistics guarantees punctual and efficient shipments throughout the world, guaranteeing a real "turnkey" product.